There is nothing so secular that it cannot be sacred, and that is one of the deepest messages of the incarnation.                          MADELEINE L’ENGLE 

8 months to give birth to a vision for cities :

8 months to become rooted in God

8 months to become rooted in yourself

8 months to become rooted in
the city

Every year from October 1 to May 31

Youth With A Mission (Montreal) is committed to presenting a holistic gospel, that is to say, a gospel that answers the needs of the whole person. By committing ourselves to various sectors of society, which compose the underlying identity of the city, we seek to be a positive influence by serving others through love, generosity, and justice. We do this specifically by collaborating with both the Christian community and various social organizations.

Youth With A Mission has been present in Montreal since 1986, with offices in the Plateau Mont-Royal, one of the four most influential neighbourhoods in North America as well as the one having the highest concentration of professionnal artists in Canada (10 times the national average, 8% as opposed to .8% of the workforce). It's in the heart of the city and facing the realities and challenges of contemporary society that we chose to follow Jesus and deepen our faith.

If we can summerize the teachings of Jesus in one phrase, "initiate love" could well express our understanding as well as our desire to resemble him. This is the motivation that has sustained us over the last twenty years and has moved us to create and realize many projets. Let's just mention a few:

  • Info/Action SIDA - AIDS (1990 to 1995)volunteer training program and placements
  • Operation Niniveh (1987 to 1995) 3 or 4 week summer urban missions training program
  • Les Ateliers du Point (1987 to 1991) monthly conferences dealing with contemporary social and spiritual issues
  • Imago Dei : becoming fully human (since 1996)
    introductory course to christian spirituality and now a book (published in French)
  • TRANSFORMATION: arts, Christ & culture (march 2004)
    conferences, workshops, art galleries, film & music
  • IN VIVO Multi-arts Festival (march 2005)
    conferences, workshops, art galleries, short art films, improv theatre & concert
  • Discipleship Training School (2000 to 2006)
    six month training program for young adults wanting to deepen their faith and to commit themselves to loving their neighbours. This program is now called the Urban Cultures DTS.

 For more information about our ongoing projects, please visit the rest of our site.

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