There is nothing so secular that it cannot be sacred, and that is one of the deepest messages of the incarnation.                          MADELEINE L’ENGLE 

8 months to give birth to a vision for cities :

8 months to become rooted in God

8 months to become rooted in yourself

8 months to become rooted in
the city

Every year from October 1 to May 31

Beyond the secular/sacred divide: The Challenge of Post-Christendom

We're pleased to make these conferences available to you whether you listen to them on your own or with a group. One church has decided to form small discussion groups to listen to them over several weeks. Perhaps you might consider a donation to Youth With A Mission Montreal? You can either send a cheque to our address or you can also give a gift via the CanadaHelps website. Look for Youth With A Mission (Quebec). Under "Fund/Designation", choose "Montreal - Urban Ministries Center". Thanks so much!

Facing realities: the challenge of living in post-Christian times listen here

Picking up the bill
: accepting responsibility for past debts and present duties listen here

Recovering hope
: exploring the implications of the resurrection in today's world listen here

Shaping tomorrow
: towards a vision of shalom listen here

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